The Best Email Marketing Strategy in 2020

My conversions were lagging until I tried this.

I admit it. I got caught up in the numbers game. For months, I was totally focused on building my email marketing list — more subscribers equal more sales, right?

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. But in reality, my sales didn’t keep pace with my list growth. So I got busy learning what it takes to improve conversions.

As it turns out, I was making a rookie mistake. I was using email to deliver a sales pitch to my marketing list, (nothing wrong with that.) But then I was dumping the reader onto my home page — not the smartest thing to do.

And then it hit me. I was doing the same thing with my Adwords campaigns, social media profiles, guest post footers, just about everything. Imagine how frustrating it was to my readers. They would click to get more about something specific and land on a general page.

I discussed it with a friend, and she told about a concept she learned from Brian Clark of Copyblogger. He advocates using email to engage readers and get them interested. Then he takes them “off road” to deliver specific information and close the sale. I love that image — driving your 4X4 off the road to check out an interesting path.

And what does “off road” mean? In the world of online marketing, it means creating a landing page with the exact information the reader needs.

Lucky for me, i got a landing page builder. With a few clicks I can grab a template and customize it with my text. Then I add images, social sharing icons, and action buttons. And putting it online is a snap.

The result? Not everyone clicks to visit the landing page. (Some readers just move on to something that interests them more.) But the ones who click for more info are ready to buy. And those who don’t buy will hear from me again — with a sweeter offer.

In short, my conversions began to climb, and there’s no end in sight!

Want to check it out?

And let me know what you think.




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